On the Edge is a discussion platform established by Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge to explore the shifting forces of the world today. It started in 2007, with a lecture series on the Environment and Climate Change. Its latest iteration explored issues around capitalism, between 2015 and 2017. The series questioned whether there is any alternative to capitalism, or whether capitalism can be changed to serve society.

Now in 2017, the debate about capitalism is shifting. The impact of the Brexit referendum result and the election of President Trump gave rise to much debate about what people thought about capitalism, especially the global trading systems and its impact on jobs.

With so much change, the College is running a new series in 2018 called ‘Just on the Edge’. We will look at climate change, economics and whether it can deliver for all humanity, what will happen to work in future, and what it means for the 1.8bn young people in the world aged between 10-24 years old.

In future, we will add further series debating the important issues of the time and visitors to this website can join in the discussion and have their voice heard. 

Capitalism on the Edge |  Just on the Edge